the innovative monitoring and evaluation platform

e-Smile, a dynamic web-application to effectively deal with monitoring and evaluation data, at field level and globally.

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We have created a new product that helps development practitioners, monitoring & evaluation officers and aid agencies implement monitoring systems quickly and easily.

An open platform for monitoring and evaluation

e-Smile makes your life as aid and development practitioner easier

e-Smile is an open ecosystem of plug-and-play web-applications, collaborative data-structure standards and decentralized datasets, combined together to build agile, open, coherent and contextualized aid information management systems

Through its collaborative, decentralized and open-data ready platform, it contributes to more transparency and accountability.

The application adapts to a wide variety of scenarios, sectors, contexts or organizational systems.

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The problem with monitoring systems

Current monitoring systems are often slow or complex. They rely on heavy and costly infrastructures. They lack flexibility to adjust to rapidly changing information needs.

Each organization or project tends to reinvent its own incomplete solution, rarely enabling analytical insights.

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Turn your monitoring system into a collaborative application

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Design monitoring and reporting tools, interactive maps, dynamic reports and dashboards with a few drag-and drop gestures in a modern and  user-friendly interface. 



Through its dynamic architecture, e-Smile adapts to a large variety of context, organizations or implementation set-up. The application evolves over time to accommodate new or changing information need.



The application provides quality data to decision making bodies under the form of dynamic reports, maps or dashboards and strengthen the dynamic learning process through iteration, adaptation and feedback.



e-Smile proposes an innovative, decentralized and distributed architecture whereby data is stored locally, while being accessible globally.



One single application covering the full range of monitoring & evaluation information management needs. 


Support decision making

Make sure your monitoring system is activated towards learning and decision making.


Own your data

Your data stored on your infrastructure. Get to choose when your data is available and to which people or organisation. And no vendor lock-in.



Based on open source technologies, and providing open data ready monitoring solutions. 


Towards aid transparency

e-smile enables collaboration, information sharing and increased transparency & accountability.


Innovative approach, unique application

e-Smile rethinks aid information management in its globality, focusing at the same time on the big picture and on concrete issues field practitioners encounter in their daily work.

By combining and leveraging the potentiality of monitoring and evaluation, information management and the open data movement, e-Smile integrates multiple aspects of M&E and creates an enabling ecosystem for a more effective and transparent aid system and stronger citizen engagement.

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Solves concrete challenges

The application proposes field practitioners a set of intuitive, flexible and user-friendly tools to assist them solve concrete information stewardship challenges under a unified and comprehensive platform. The tools can be adapted or augmented so as to fit specific needs and better serve users' requirements.

Collective intelligence

e-Smile aid information's architecture is structured in a way that consolidation, verification, comparison and mining of data and sources is made easier. It makes sure the overall information system is built bottom up, starting from field-based and grassroot requirements. Best practices and successful approaches are being promoted by users, field practitioners or subject-matter experts, who progressively turn this information management tool into a collective intelligence platform.